One of the best ways for a cyclist to make sure they are protected while riding is to have the right lights and reflectors on their bike. The regulations that Montana has introduced for bicycles are reflectors on either side of a bike, a white light on the front, either on the handlebars of the helmet, and a red light on the back. These lights must be seen at an altitude of 500 feet or more to ensure they are seen. Such regulations were introduced to prevent cyclists from being hit at dusk, during a storm or in the dark. Bike lanes are for bicycles only. Motorized vehicles cannot travel or park on a bike path, as this could be dangerous for cyclists. If the driver of a motor vehicle must cross a bike path during a turn or change, he or she must follow the rules of passage for cyclists on the bike paths. While rare, bike lanes are a great way to protect Montana cyclists from traffic hazards. Montana law specifically prohibits driving or parking vehicles on bike lanes.

The only time motorized vehicles are allowed to cross a bike lane is by changing lanes or turning. Motorists should remember to give priority to all cyclists in order to avoid collisions. Did you know that Montana is the safest state to cycle in the United States? It`s true! And that means you`ll have plenty of support to keep you safe on the roads, and often a very friendly community to cycle with. Montana has a Share the Road license plate program, with proceeds going to Bike Walk Montana, which advocates for cyclists and pedestrians. However, it is also very important to understand the bicycle laws in Montana so that the state can maintain its distinction as the safest state for cyclists. What should you know about Montana`s bicycle laws? Montana has a great history with cyclists. It is considered the safest state to get to work, giving cities and cyclists plenty of freedom to stay safe and enjoy driving. There are plenty of hiking trails, trails and wide roads to drive and of course incredible views to enjoy.

Overall, Montana is a fantastic place for cyclists and has good laws of its own. Just be sure to keep up to date with your city`s statutes and keep your eyes on the street. Enjoy! Although there are no national laws requiring cyclists to wear a helmet when riding, it is highly recommended to do so when riding a bike. Not only do helmets protect your head and especially your brain in the event of an accident, but some cities in Montana have also passed ordinances mandating helmets for children who ride bikes. Bicycle helmets can be bulky and look uncomfortable, but they are much better than a lifelong brain injury. Like any other vehicle driving on a road, road, or highway in Montana, a bicycle has the right of way while it is in motion. Although cyclists are encouraged to ride on the far right side of the road, they are legally allowed to ride anywhere between lanes. Due to the lower speed of bicycle traffic, motorists are allowed to pass a cyclist such as a slow car or truck.

You are even allowed to cross the double lines, but only to pass a bike and if the oncoming lane is completely free of oncoming traffic. The only condition is that the bike rides at less than half of the specified speed limit. All laws mentioned here were compiled in early 2019 and are subject to change. Help us keep them up to date by contacting us here with new updates. Thank you! Each state has its own bicycle laws. These are the specific laws regarding cycling in Montana. Bicycles are legally considered « vehicles » on Montana roads. This means that cyclists must follow traffic rules like drivers of any other vehicle and be treated as equal users by all other vehicles.

In Montana, bicycles are legally classified as vehicles. This means that you have the same rights as a car, but it also means that you have to follow the same rules as a car. Follow these tips to make sure you`re driving safely, predictably and legally. Always lock your bike! Theft is a problem in Missoula. Always use the best bike lock you can afford. One of the first facts every commuter in Montana should know about bikes is that, by law, they are considered vehicles like any other car, truck, or bus. Therefore, all relevant vehicle laws apply to bicycles on the road and they must behave and be treated like another vehicle. Here are the most important laws every cyclist and motorist in Montana should know: Familiarizing yourself with the laws will allow you to move safely on Montana`s roads and avoid any liability in the event of a collision. Be careful when turning or changing lanes and wear recommended safety equipment to avoid injury, legal consequences and damage to other drivers or cyclists on the road.

A person operating a bicycle or moped must not carry packages, bales or objects that prevent him or her from holding at least one hand on the handlebars. Traffic rules for people riding bicycles or mopeds. A person driving a bicycle or moped is granted all the rights and is subject to all the obligations applicable to the driver of another vehicle under Chapters 7, 9 and this Chapter, except the special rules of this Part or the provisions of Chapter 7, Chapter 9 and this Chapter which, by their nature, are not applicable.