Many documents filed in the High Court must be filed in some way (a « prescribed form »). Some documents (for example, a statement or notice of appeal) do not. Whether you are looking for a single document or need a large number of documents on a regular basis, LawLive offers a number of different payment options to meet the different needs of our clients. Simple and meeting my needs. The documents are accepted by the other parties` lawyers without me waiting for my own lawyers to act. We pride ourselves on the quality of our documents and the high level of customer service. Our customer service team is available by phone by email to help you with any questions you may have about your documents. If you sign the EPO, your signature must be attested by a lawyer, a qualified legal adviser or an authorised signatory or an employee of a trust company independent of the lawyer. This witness should explain the impact and implications of the EPA and give you advice on specific issues. The lawyer`s lawyer cannot do that. All LawLive documents are prepared by lawyers with extensive experience in commercial law to ensure you receive the highest quality contracts and documents. Below are some comments from some LawLive clients.

We have compiled the documents provided by these providers so that you can choose the best cost-effective option. Legal frameworks work under the supervision of a lawyer. Although they are not qualified as lawyers, jurists must undergo training and pass several exams. You can witness the donor signing a standing power of attorney and be able to explain the effect of the enduring power of attorney and how it works. Our legal department can review your documents as soon as you have processed them. We have always used plain English because it makes documents easier to understand and less likely to be controversial. It also makes editing easier. But we go even further by structuring our documents in such a way that processing is also easy. For example, we do not refer to paragraphs. Most legal document templates you can find on the internet will give you the minimum wording needed to accomplish the task. On the other hand, our documents contain many more options and take into account many more points than even most lawyers would offer. Do you need a document? Legal Documents has over 80 documents, contracts, agreements, and forms that can save you money.

Our documents come with an easy-to-understand « user manual » that gives you an overview of the document, as well as a paragraph-by-paragraph explanation and instructions. We also add guides to help you edit each paragraph exactly to your own needs. Of course, this includes both the practical and legal aspects. All documents filed with the High Court must have a cover page conforming to Form G1 of the High Court Rules (external link). If you or your business need multiple documents, a LawLive subscription can save you additional legal fees. Starting at $69 per month, LawLive`s subscription plan can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. Filed applications are documents that inform the court and all defendants of the orders you are asking the court for. Applications must be accompanied by a supporting affidavit (unless the court says the evidence will be heard orally). A power of attorney is a document used to ask someone to make decisions on your behalf or sign documents for you. You have to think carefully about who you are giving this power to. Whether it`s a commercial sale, partnership, or commercial lease, HowToLaw has hundreds of legal documents to sift through. All documents on LawLive can be purchased individually, starting at $17 for a customized, professionally created document.

To become a LawLive PAYG user, simply select your document and start creating. All documents must comply with Part 5: Subsection 2 of the High Court Rules (external link) LawLive`s contracts and documents are prepared by leading lawyers, which ensures the professional quality of our contracts and documents. LawLive is the easy way to create professional legal documents in minutes. By filling out a simple form and one page in English, you can gather your contracts and documents adapted to your situation. All documents are created within minutes and emailed to you. With a LawLive subscription, you can pay a fixed, low-cost monthly fee to access as many documents as you want. While there is no automatic audit of how lawyers exercise their powers, lawyers are required by law to consult with you and any other person named in your EPA whenever possible. When appointing your lawyers, you need to be clear about what you expect from them. You should discuss this with them and once they are appointed, you should make sure they know what assets you have, where you keep the relevant documents, and what your wishes would be in certain circumstances. For example, you could ask them to buy birthday or Christmas gifts for family members, offer support to loved ones, or donate to charity on a regular basis. They cannot do any of these things or do anything else for the benefit of others or themselves, unless their authority to do so is clearly stated in the LFS. Our documents are written in such a way that they can be completed without additional professional help.

You don`t need to hire a lawyer unless the subject goes beyond what`s in the document. Attach the following documents to the Notice of Procedure: HowToLaw provides answers to common legal questions in a HowTo. and various self-help documents. All our documents are covered by our money back guarantee. If for any reason you wish to return your document, we will refund the purchase price in full, immediately and without question. We want you to be sure you have the best document, not just one that « is enough ». We provide our non-profit materials for FREE because we value the work of charities in our communities. A copy of the documents served must be attached to the affidavit as evidence. For more information, see the « Evidence » section of this website. HowToLaw has partnered with the three largest online legal document providers in New Zealand – NetLawman, LegalDocuments and LawCentral. You must follow the general requirements for the format of court documents, as well as Rules 5.25 to 5.35 of the High Court Rules, which outline what a statement of application must contain.

We combine in-depth legal knowledge with practical, real-world experience and an understanding of the business elements of a business. In this way, we provide you with legal documents that are not only intended to protect you, but also to give you an economic and legal advantage. There are legal issues that you can solve yourself by better understanding the legal aspect and using a proper document. More complex issues may require additional input from a lawyer. The mindset and level of understanding needed for a person to sign legal documents such as standing powers of attorney, wills and contracts, etc. They are only legally valid if the person who signed had the required level of mental capacity. Prior to the introduction of EPAs in New Zealand in 1988, it was quite common for people to sign a general power of attorney. However, a general power of attorney has no legal effect if the person who granted the general power of attorney loses his or her mental capacity (i.e.