From allowing dead cows to being banned from cleaning the floor with bread, welcome to the strange, wonderful and crazy world of the Austrian code of law. The different Americans on our team confirm that their compatriots prefer U.S. reference points to understand geographic size. It`s strangely self-centered, but we`re going to go. Austria has an area of 83,879 km². This places it somewhere between Maine (79,939 km²) and Indiana (92,902 km²). Our research found too many strange laws to add to the list – so here are a few to mention. Harassment laws also prohibit eating something too smelly, which I think is a rule we can all support. According to the Government, the Austrian Citizenship Act does not allow dual or multiple nationality, with a few exceptions, such as children born naturalised both in Austria and from another country. Those who voluntarily acquire foreign nationality lose their Austrian citizenship.

Even if it is either in the interest of the Republic of Austria or « justified by a particularly valid reason », the government will grant people more than one citizenship. The rules, reports the Austrian newspaper Die Presse, serve above all to reduce the city`s rat herd and benefit the pigeons from the point of view of animal welfare. Let`s talk about Austria and its relationship with the search engine: Google is the most visited website in the world with about 1.2 billion users; The search engine processes about three billion search queries every day. And there are no limits to what you can google. As your former elementary school teacher would say, « There are no stupid questions. » We agree. Unfortunately for lovers of exploding cows, the law was changed in 2001. Now farmers receive money from the state government to get rid of the dead cow instead. In Austria, it is illegal to restrict the movement of your animals to such an extent that they feel pain, suffering and/or fear.

So that they do not fall asleep while eating. Joke. It`s supposed to help the farmer find his herd after taking him to pasture – but I`m sure you could have figured it out for yourself. It is also said that bells scare wolves or bears. Another curious rule is the « apricot price cap », or for all eagles on the right, the regulation on maximum apricot prices: RGBL 1917/289 as amended in 1918/171. Austria loves cash so much that in 2019 it tried to include the right to cash payments in the constitution. While vaccination has helped reduce its prevalence, chickenpox remains a highly contagious disease – which is why you should talk to everyone about it. Anyone who has spent any time in Austria knows that money remains the emperor when it comes to paying just about everything. Geographically more like a schnitzel. But anything that helps you sleep at night. A few more are included in the following video – of course about Austrian German. Google keeps records of past searches – some of which are quite fascinating.

We asked ourselves: What do people want to know about Austria? We literally collected some of the most important questions and gave our own answers, to the best of our knowledge and ability. A similar campaign to ban sputum in Austria gained momentum in the early 2010s, but opinions were divided and the rule never came into effect. Under Austrian law, any person who runs out of petrol on the motorway because he has driven with « significantly insufficient fuel reserves » in accordance with Article 46(3) applies. If you have chickenpox, you`d better talk to someone about it. No, we don`t mean on Instagram – although if that`s what your followers want, don`t keep them waiting – but in the provinces of Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Salzburg, anyone with chickenpox is legally obliged to inform the health authorities. OK, it`s not exactly a law, but you`re forbidden to kiss on a train if it causes a public nuisance. Although it may seem a bit harsh for couples on romantic holidays in Austria, you should make it difficult for us if you can hear the kiss. Not since 1918.

The last emperor and empress were Charles I and Zita. Colloquially called « rats with wings », pigeons are next to the weather and early closing time of the most popular subjects of complaint in Vienna. First of all, it is not a complete sentence. But to the question: No, we are not there yet. CBD products are sold, but marijuana containing THC is not. The law prohibits the manufacture, acquisition, possession, transfer, import, export and advertising of narcotics. Even the smallest amounts (e.g. the daily dose for personal use) are prohibited by Austrian law. On the other hand, if the police catch you smoking a joint, chances are they aren`t necessarily pushing for prosecution – but they could. However, those who feed pigeons with bird food are allowed to do so, as it is less interesting for rats and (obviously) much healthier for pigeons. As everyone hopefully knows, Austria is not the only part of the world where a significant number of people speak German. The other countries are Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Languages change, so accents and dialects vary. « The original Germanic language is thought to have evolved from an Indo-European language in the first millennium BC, » Wikipedia says. In 1650, the « era of the new High German » began – a phase of language development that, according to linguists, continues to this day. Since people emigrated and because Europe has been politically shaken and reformed several times over the last few centuries, Austrians and Germans who can be seen on television, for example, speak very similar German, with different accents and some differences in vocabulary. But both countries have many regional dialects, and a person living in Hamburg, Germany, is unlikely to understand anyone from the state of Vorarlberg in Austria. We. Do not. (We had one until 1918, when the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was dissolved. After that, Austria had some patrol boats on the Danube; They ceased operations in the fall of 2006.) A law to prevent the abuse of racing pigeons. But while card payments are slowly increasing – especially with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic – some feared cash was on the verge of disappearing.

Pigeon feeding is prohibited in Vienna – anyone caught risks a fine of 36 euros. However, a glance at the fine print shows that the fine is only imposed based on what`s on the pigeon`s menu. Enjoy this list, which was compiled by our editors in no particular order: Schnitzel, Mozart (Schubert, Haydn, Strauss II), Salzburg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Sound of Music and The von Trapp Family, our role in the two world wars, Sachertorte, the Alps, the main blood groups that Karl Landsteiner distinguished, that guy who jumped from a hot air balloon (Felix Baumgartner), Red Bull, Lederhos`n, waltz (Viennese dance and actor Christoph), skiing, Sigmund Freud, Falco, Schrödinger`s cat, yodel, the Habsburgs. Although the efforts ultimately failed – and so it`s not a « law » like the others on this list – it showed how much Austria loves this cold and hard thing. It`s a kind of on/off relationship. But yes, we currently have Uber. And bolts. And Holmi. This means that you should not keep your dog tied up or chained, even for a short time. The Act applied in the state of Vorarlberg and was repealed in 2001. According to the book Unnützes ÖsterreichWissen (Unnützes ÖsterreichWissen), farmers – or anyone – were legally allowed to blow up dead cows on steep slopes « for the purpose of cost-effective disposal ».