Immigration lawyers can also participate in immigration interviews with you and, in the rare cases where your application is subject to judicial review, defend your application in a Canadian court. Canadim is a Canadian immigration firm and our Managing Partner, Renaud Dery, is a Canadian immigration lawyer. In comparison, immigration lawyers are regulated and regulated independently of provincial law societies. Since they are lawyers and not consultants, they do not have an ICCRC number and are instead registered with the Bar Association and the province. If someone tells you that your immigration lawyer needs an ICCRC number, it can be a red flag for immigration fraud. Unfortunately, there are many cases of fraud involving thousands of potential immigrants around the world. While many immigration consultants are trusted individuals, there is no denying that there is a high level of fraud in their industry. This is not intended to discredit the profession, but you should be careful when choosing an immigration consultant in your home country. It is extremely important that you check the services you use and be wary of potential immigration indicators. Immigration lawyers or lawyers have much more legal experience than consultants.

Immigration lawyers must attend law school and obtain a three-year degree to become a lawyer. They must also pass the bar exam to be legally registered, and many articling at a law firm during or after their studies. Most law programs also require a bachelor`s degree before attending law school, meaning lawyers typically have several years of post-secondary education. Our Canadian immigration lawyer Renaud Dery will appear on the search page and you will be able to confirm our firm`s listing in the membership directory. If you want to hire an immigration consultant, here are some tips to avoid scams: 2. Why is this important for immigration lawyers (lawyers, paralegals or immigration consultants)? In California, however, notaries are not lawyers, but the Spanish translation is notario or notario publico. Notaries use this confusion to mislead or imply that they can offer advice or services, charging fees for services they are not legally allowed to provide, thereby defrauding consumers of large sums of money. 6. What is the best web resource for researching laws, cases and court decisions? One. What are the main primary sources of law? Immigration consultants cannot use the term notario or notario publico to advertise their services. If you`re looking for help with an immigration issue and want to hire an immigration consultant instead of a lawyer, it`s important to understand what an immigration consultant can and can`t do for you.

Canadian immigration consultants are regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). When you become an immigration consultant, you will receive a seven-digit ICCRC number that certifies you. If you are working with an immigration consultant, you should check that their ICCRC number is valid. Did you know: If you want to immigrate to Canada, can you choose an immigration lawyer or immigration consultant? They are both legally entitled to represent clients during the immigration process, but have different educational backgrounds and regulatory bodies. Conversely, immigration consultants are not lawyers. They do not attend law school and usually go through a one-year certification to enroll. Immigration consultants also do not need to have obtained a bachelor`s degree to begin their certification. 7. What is the benefit of learning about immigration manuals? Lawyers and immigration consultants share similar roles in representing clients when they come to Canada. They differ mainly in educational degrees and the institutions that regulate them.

While immigration attorneys are legally able to represent you, only lawyers can be represented on your behalf in federal court if necessary. 3. What is the difference between primary sources of law and secondary sources of law? In some Latin American communities, immigration consultants and other non-lawyers advertise their services as notarios or notarios públicos. Consumers may be confused by this title, as notaries in some countries have similar training to lawyers and can provide legal services in those countries. Canadim is a Canadian immigration company that wants to make sure you feel safe when you choose to use our services. As we are not regulated by the ICCRC, you will need to consult us on the Barreau du Québec website to check our references.