Details: Past and present military personnel, first responders, law enforcement and health care workers are camping for free this weekend. 2 nights free Details: 2 nights free for armed forces, veterans, police, firefighters, health care workers and teachers – we have a wide range of activities including tie dyeing, a hero, an honor guard and a camping note Details: SRC would like to send a big THANK YOU to all military personnel, firefighters, police officers and doctors! PLEASE BE OUR GUESTS THIS WEEKEND AND CAMP 2 NIGHTS FREE! (proper identification required) Details: Includes: current and experienced military, police, firefighters, paramedics and nurses – Special: Camp Friday night, Saturday night FREE Details: May 13-15 Superhero Weekend – Celebrate ALL Heroes (Armed Forces Day on 21. May) Dress up as your favorite superhero and enter the costume contest! We will honor our Armed Forces, veterans, firefighters and police services, all emergency/volunteer personnel, teachers and medical professions (medical officers, dentists and nurses, etc.). Show your superhero ID. and get a free night of this weekend of 2 consecutive nights or more just on the W/E&Back In websites. Pulls and rentals are excluded. Each page must prove the registered superhero. Thank you for your service! Details: Military, police and fire brigade buy one night and get the second night free! Details: Whiskey Creek Heroes Weekend – Military Active Service, Police, Fire, EMT Camp 2 nights get 1 free. Special activity for kids to experience being a hero, special guest performance, hero glow parade, handmade cards and children`s thank you posters at Camp Crafts Time. Special discount from the gift shop of 10% on merchandise. Details: Free campgrounds for all active forces and full-time police, sheriff or highway patrol officers. 1/2 discount for Fire & EMS.