One of the main distinguishing features of the Legal Pad is the fact that it has specific margins. The American Pad and Paper Company claims that the edges of a typical legal block contain a 1.25-inch gap on the left side of the paper. Another idea is that because the papers were mostly composed of different pieces of paper, the yellow color was added to create the illusion that the sheets were a uniform piece. Yellow was perhaps the simplest and cheapest stamp on the market, always close to the color white. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, former national security adviser John Bolton and the late American author Pat Conroy are just a few of his millions of followers. We`re talking about the epitome of Legal Pad office supplies. It`s simple, professional, cheap and instantly recognizable. The most well-known feature of a legal block? The color yellow. But why are they yellow? Good question. In order to answer them, however, a brief explanation of their history is first necessary. A judge, looking for space to write her notes, asked Holly to add the margin on the left side of the paper. This was in 1900 and works so well that margins are included in almost every notebook, making it possible to write margin notes and indexed revisions.

In North America, plain paper is available in a variety of semi-standardized sizes. Remember that all legal blocks have a vertical line drawn from 1-1/4″ up and down on the left side of the paper to create a margin: if he was worried about wasting paper or was just looking for a way to enjoy leftovers, we can`t say. What we do know is that he had the brilliant idea of using these pieces to cut them into the same size and assemble them into a uniform stack of papers. Artists like Jeff Tweedy, Jerry Seinfeld and Jonathan Dee swear by the use of a legal block. This means that some of the most valuable works of art of recent times have been written and executed through the use of the Legal Pad. The Seinfeld show, the Sky Blue Sky album, even entire novels were written on legal blocks. One hypothesis is that color was chosen for those working in the legal profession because it stimulated their creativity and mental abilities. It also provided a background that contrasted very well with the black ink and gave a professional feel.

Part of its appeal is the unwritten rule that legal notebooks are reserved for adults; Some people describe a sense of satisfaction when they finally reach the point where they are « demanding » enough to use. After all, legal notebooks are an important matter. The only requirement for a block of writing paper to be considered a « legal block » is that the paper must have a 1-1/4″ vertical line (also known as a « descending line ») on the left edge of the page. The original and traditional look of the legal block had yellow paper, blue horizontal lines, a red vertical line forming a left edge and a red rubberized top. Today, this is no longer the case. « Settled » or « Decision » simply refers to the horizontal lines on paper. But! The lines appear in different widths and therefore create more or fewer lines on the sheet of paper. EZ Office Products is a proud paper supplier for all your office needs. Contact us today to set up your account.

Note: A « legal block » does not mean that the paper size on the block itself is a legal size (8-1/2″ W x 14″L), although it can be ordered this way. A legal stamp simply means that the paper on the stamp has a vertical line that creates a 1-1/4″ edge on the left side. It`s hard to say why the Legal Pad is such a classic piece for artists and professionals alike. That being said, it`s nice to write on a legal notepad. In the same way that a ballpoint pen or pencil #2 is intuitive and feels good, the legal block exudes an air of professionalism. Aside from yellow paper, blue lines, and a tear-proof rubberized top, the red border is the only requirement for a stamp to be considered a legal stamp. In other words, yellow, blue, pink or purple paper, without the red border, it is not a legal block. Now back to why legal notebooks are yellow.

There are many theories about this, but no one really knows. Some say they were yellow from the beginning. The theory is that because the pads were originally made from parts together, they looked cheap and of poor quality. Holley dyed them to make them a nobler and more uniform yellow. Some reports are from a little later – probably after Holley`s time. This includes the belief that yellow is easier on the eyes because it doesn`t produce as much glare as white, and so yellow paper was the obvious way to go. It is certainly more convenient to write these things in different media, so there must be an advantage to using them. Suzanne Snider, a journalist, researched the history of the Legal Pad and explains why it is so valuable to us as a culture. Some people also use wired notebooks. In addition, doctors sometimes prefer to use personalized notepads to write prescriptions for their patients. If you work in a sales organization, you can also purchase legal block holders and custom letterblocks to write notes at a meeting or conference.